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Every students dream is to complete their studies with flying colors (or at least a 2:2) and go on to even bigger and better things. Students who choose to study business as a subject will have their eyes on becoming entrepreneurs and business owners but sometimes the dream can seem so far away. It is somewhat easy to learn everything in principle but practice is much harder to grasp. To read a textbook, listen to a lecturer, write some essays and sit some exams is hard enough as it is, and although prepares you for the business world it will probably only get you an entry level job or just above. Practical experience is what employers like to see so if you are looking for a higher job then it is either work experience during your holiday breaks or fitted in around your studies, or working your way up the business ladder for some time until you are promoted.

This typical business routine is quite off-putting for those students who have a dream and want to realise it now! Some students have an invention or a business plan and happen to meet a millionaire in a bar who is willing to invest in their business idea. That’s fantastic but also very very lucky and quite a rarity. For most people it takes hard work, it takes making connections, putting in a lot of time and effort and having a clear and focused goal of what you want to achieve.


Here at British Study In Business we deal with helping students to realise their business potential and start their own businesses. We have fantastic connections in the industry as well as a wealth of insider knowledge and experience to help students to make it big! Here is a little bit more about what we do:


Our team

We have a team of savvy entrepreneurs who have been there, done it and got the t-shirt. They have tried to usual approaches, fallen and gotten back up. They have been lucky and given an instant break. They have worked their socks off for years only to realise a business niche that they could have materialised years before. They know business, they know the dos and don'ts and can offer you all of their worldly wisdom and advice!


Our system

We work with you throughout the whole process, from developing your business plan to seeing the fruits of your labor with that first bit of business profit! We have a wealth of recourses that you can read to help you find your niche and create a business plan that works. We have online tutorials and talks from top business entrepreneurs to advise you on the first steps to take to any business. We then have a team of analysts to help you go through your plans, fish out the flaws and home in on the winners! We have connections with clients, suppliers, advertising mediums and so much more to make sure that your business gets the whole package of success!

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Happy Clients

They are successful!

British Study In Business really helped me to start my own business once I left university. I had the basic principles but I just didn't know where to begin or who to talk to. Thanks!
By Amy Dawson

Happy Clients

They are successful!

British Study In Business are a really great support system for students who want to start their own business. I'm a business lecturer at a local university and always recommend my students to their site!
By Jenny Smith