Embellishing Manufactured Clothes

People love the ease of picking up clothes ready-made in the store, but creating their own look is also important. Some will add belts, brooches or scarves to make their outfit unique. For those who love to be creative, there are other ways to add their personal touch to any item of clothing they purchase. Bits of color, decorative cloths and even metal items can be added to clothes they have purchased, and the overall look will be an original creation that suits them perfectly.

Buttons come in all shapes, sizes and colors, and adding them to a plain shirt or skirt is a great way to create an original looking outfit. They can be large enough to be used as accent pieces, or a group of small ones in a pattern can be the focal point of an outfit. Different colored buttons, placed in a staggered pattern, can add interest to a dull dress.

There have been many fads of adding cloth to existing outfits, but few of them go permanently out of style. One of the vintage trends now popular is adding a strip of cloth to the bottom of jeans, and they can be added in several layers for an original design. Fringe has been popular many times, and it can be created from the same material as the existing item. If contrast is important, fringe can be made of a different material or color for an accent statement on the outfit.

Metal is not just for antique armor, and it has become more fashionable over the years to add pieces of it on many clothing items. Belts have had metal buckles for many years, but decorative clips are becoming more popular as accent pieces. Chains, generally worn around the neck, are now sewn into the shoulders of dresses and blouses as a permanent embellishment.